The June & Julian Foss Foundation

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Our mission is to promote change in the life situations of young people in order to help them grow into healthy, responsible adults, and to promote philanthropy within our family.

The June & Julian Foss Foundation is a small family foundation with no staff and no office, run entirely by family-member volunteers. We have one very simple requirement (other than an application that fits our goals): A grant applicant must receive a Site Visit from a Foundation (family) member to be eligible for a grant. The Site Visit would come after we’ve had time to evaluate your application, and the visitor would hope to see some part of your program in action and/or have a conversation with staff. If the interested member needs more information, he or she will have the opportunity to ask during the Site Visit. NOTE: We have made some adaptations to our Site Visit requirements due to the Pandemic, and are finding ways to make it work via ZOOM, telephone conversations, etc.

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Due to our volunteer structure we only accept electronic methods of contact and replies may take a while.
Applications will only be accepted via our online application form.