If our current grant period is open, you can complete the June & Julian Foss Foundation online Eligibility Quiz and know immediately whether you qualify to apply for a grant. To do this, complete our online Eligibility Quiz. If you qualify, you will be able to proceed to our online application portal, where you can create an account and complete an application. 

Grant Cycle Dates and Process

Each year our grant cycle begins on January 1, at which time we start accepting applications for the coming year. The last day we accept applications each year is March 31st.
  • Applications are evaluated to determine which meet our granting criteria and how many we are able to visit
  • Grant applicants will be notified by late June that they may receive a site visit, or that they are no longer eligible for the current grant cycle
  • Site visits will be completed by the end of September
  • Applicants will be notified of the Foundation's decision by mid-November
  • Checks will be delivered before the end of December

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For information about our guidelines for grants, click Here.
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We strongly prefer electronic methods of contact.
LOIs will only be accepted via our online application form.